Tuesday, 26 August 2008

How They Got Here

In the past, far Left anti-Zionism was a mix of Stalinist anti-semitism and class analysis. You also got the identity crisis of Greenstein-types thrown in, for good measure.

It was very unlikely, until about 10-15 years ago, that Leftists would incorporate pure neo Nazi anti-semitism into their worldview, because they wouldn't have come across it, except in limited contexts, in which it was clearly marked with all the sorts of tell tale signs detailed by Modernity, in the preceeding post. Far Leftists who became neo Nazis, went the whole Hitler-worshipping hog. Most knew why racism was wrong: it a tool of the Capitalists, which divided the working classes, underpinned Imperialism, and so on. Faced with a Nazi, claiming that Israel controlled the United States, a Leftist would quickly sniff out a Nazi. His shibboleth, by contrast, was the notion that Israel is some sort of imperialist venture by the United States.

Nowadays, any web search for 'zionist' will bring up a range of articles: some clearly Left, some neo Nazi, some Islamist, some general conspiracist, and some in a sort of synthesised grey area between any of these.

You'll also get near-neo-Nazi stuff, like Atzmon's output, which is a mirror image of the Greenstein identity politics stuff, which has been presented as part of the argument on the Left by the Socialist Workers' Party. The SWP has similarly endorsed, and showcased, Islamist racists, and promoted solidarity with, and activists in, both Hamas and Hezbollah. When Chomsky whitewashed Faurisson - a man he knew to be a babbling racist - as a 'relatively apolitical liberal', it was a scandal. Now this sort of cross-pollenation is standard stuff.

Basically, the boundaries are hugely blurred nowadays. An Islamist might read screeds about Zionists by both a neo Nazi and a Trot, and agree with the general thrust of each essay.

Similarly, a woman who thinks of herself as an anti-racist can read a piece by an 'Israel dun 911' nutter, on a Nazi's website, and find nothing to fault in its content.

That this is so, is demonstrated by the case of Delich, or indeed, Jenny Tonge.

I would be amazed if any of the savvier Trots on the UCU are silly enough to say it: but I bet many of them are thinking:

"Yeah, but is anything Joe Quinn says actually WRONG?"


azvsas said...

You refer to 'near-neo-Nazi stuff, like Atzmon's output,' and then of course tar the leading opponent of Atzmon with the same brush, 'which is a mirror image of the Greenstein identity politics stuff,' without any explanation other than that everything=everything, a typical neo-Nazi formulation. What we say goes.

However I seem to recall that a guest poster on HP is none other than one Mikey, a collaborator with Atzmon who gave him help to deflect the political attacks that I was making on him. So Harry's Place, by its own admission, is using a neo-Nazi collaborator as one of its guest posters. Things can't get better than that! And just to remind people of Mikey's collaboration:

Mikey, can you provide us with the criminal record of this Bugger-Rance. Is he on spent conviction like greenie l or is he just an ordinary liar?
Gilad Atzmon | 03.12.07 - 8:00 pm

I have been very busy digging up stuff on Tony Greenstein - Roland Rance will have to wait for another day.
Mikey | 03.12.07 - 8:53 pm | #

‘Mikey, I hope you do not mind me saying that, but your contribution for the pls solidarity movement is priceless. It is crucial that we all know about the racist record of this Greenpiss, a man who was banned time after time for being a racist and an anti Semite!

I really want to believe that this revolting violent man will feel some shame and take some time off to think about it all. But I doubt it.’
Gilad Atzmon | 03.04.07 - 10:46 am | #

Again, again, I believe that Zionists like you can cope with philosophical thinking because Zionism is a Jewish ideological stand. RK, Ben Gurion and later Begin and Shmuel Tamir were operating within different interpretation of the very the same ideology. The political and legal aspects are nothing but a cover up of the real meaning of this saga.

You can cope with it, Greenie and Brenner can't.

However, Good luck with Greenie and thanks for all the info you gave us about this low being.
Peace is the way forward
Gilad Atzmon | 03.08.07 - 4:02 pm |

Touching isn't it?

Of course we all know that the reason Jenna Delich is being attacked has nothing to do with mistakenly posting a link to David Duke's website and everything to do with her being a supporter of the Boycott of Israel, i.e. her opposition to racism which, like all good racists, Harry's Place classes as a form of racism!

Tony Greenstein

exposinghypocrites said...

Tony Greenstein has accused someone of collaborating with 'neo-Nazi' Gilad Atzmon.

Well this is how Greenstein talks to Atzmon when he thinks no-one's watching:


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, June 10, 2006 9:52 PM
Subject: Re: Gilad Atzmon @ The Vortex for 3 Nights

I shall be more than happy to hear you play the sax! Was going to drop you a line re your spat with Shamir ...

Dare I say it, some of your remarks re the holocaust were spot on re the Zionist collaboration with the Nazis. And that is the point anti-Zionists should make rather than flirting with holocaust denial, or in Shamir's case being a full blooded exponent.


Tony Greenstein



In public Greenstein calls Atzmon a neo-Nazi. In private he sends this neo-Nazi friendly messages offering to collaborate against the Zionists.

Isn't that strange.

Mikey said...

Yes, Tony Greenstein clearly does not pay attention. Had he done so - he would know far from collaborating with Atzmon, that I have publicly ridiculed him. An example can be seen at:


But there is nothing surprising about Tony Greenstein getting his facts wrong: